Rockstar Mastermind™

The Rockstar Mastermind™ Thought Leadership Group consists exclusively of Senior Executives including: CEO/CxO, VP’s, Managing Directors, Senior Partners and other senior authorities in the Digital / Tech related fields, which can traverse across all industry sectors.

It exists to help combine expertise, leadership and Insight to get our post-Covid economies back on track. Participation is by Invitation or Request/Referral. There is a link at the bottom to discuss participation.

It was born out of necessity during the early weeks of the post Covid-19 Pandemic, where we are all collectively in this together as we all form a part of our social and economic ecosystems, interconnected throughout society and the world. And at times, all pulling in different directions with different ideas amongst the crisis chaos. As none of us have ever dealt with anything like this before.

Rockstar Mastermind™ is the brainchild of Craig Milbourne, the Founder and CEO of Rockstar Selection®, a niche Search and Selection firm specialising in the “Digital Acceleration” agenda in the new post-pandemic ‘Distance Economy’. My personal view is that “we all have skin in the game” and want to get this back on track. So I wanted to make a contribution and add value to the industry I have worked in, for the last 16 years.


The Rockstar Mastermind™ Goal

Our business, livelihoods, careers, families and health have all been exposed. So we can sit back and wait for things to get better, or we can do our bit to make things happen.

In short, we all want recovery and normality, and we can not do this without each other, across Health, Education, Social, Workforce, Economic and government policy and interventions.

So I started speaking with a number of leaders in the Consulting / Digital / Tech space for a Thought Leadership piece that Rockstar Selection® are doing on “Exit Strategies from Covid-19”. With a simple concept, put in $1, and receive $20 back. (this is WIP as at 27th May 2020).

The themes are evolving as one industry can look to another and ask questions like, What new business/revenue models could be applied to Hotels or Airlines that we are seeing work elsewhere? If for example, occupancy rates are restricted to say 25%. Or, how can we better understand how Consumer Behaviour has changed?


Member Participation:

Step 1: 20 Minute Mastermind Discussion Call

To discuss:

  1. 3 Biggest Problems (personal and professional)
  2. 3 Impacts of these issues
  3. 3 Solutions to these Problems
  4. Post Pandemic Recovery strategies implemented or new/pivoted business models
  5. Futureproofing and the Next Normal
  6. Who (Company Person) would you most like to receive expert Insight from?

Step 2: White Paper / Report

I will then create a White Paper / Report and share the Findings anonymously within the group.

Step 3: Rockstar Webinar Solution Series

Based on the Findings and key issues, that are highlighted by our Mastermind participants, we will put together a Webinar Series to provide expert Insight in to the key issues highlighted by the Group.

For example, around Cyber Security issues with Distance Working.

Guest Speakers could be experts in fields such as: Remote Tech solutions, eCommerce Leaders, Consumer Insight experts, Banks/Finance, Government spokespeople, Medical/Scientists, Academics, Oil/Energy market Experts, Occupational Psychologists etc etc.


Benefits to Mastermind Members:

  1. A platform to have your say and promote your insight (company or general economy)
  2. Receive the Priority reports
  3. Invitation to Webinars
  4. Be an SME Guest Speaker (subject to topic and roster availability) – reach extended audience
  5. Potential Partnerships (e.g. very quickly we have Partnered with a Leading Behavioural Profiling market leader for 50 years, and we are able to provide Free SOS Job Profile Assessments for any role, at any level, to assess your emergency skills-gaps. (Email us at to conduct your Job Surveys).


Next Action:

If you are a Senior Executive interested in discussing Rockstar Mastermind™, then please schedule a short 20 minute call on this link:

p.s. please pop in the comments the name of the individuals / companies / leaders – you would most like to hear from in your field if we could get them on a Webinar?


NB: Rockstar Selection™ specialises in the core themes around Digital Acceleration, which are: Digital Transformation, Data Science, AI, Automation, eCommerce, Cloud and Cyber Security.