About Us

We help companies to identify, attract, recruit and retain the Top 15% of candidates in the Digital & Tech sector.

Our Vision = Rockology®

To revolutionise the recruitment industry by creating a recruitment Utopia, where we totally remove the chance factor, hiring inconsistency and flawed subjective bias from the recruitment process, that is often seen when firms make Bad Hires

“introducing the anecdote to Bad Hiring”


Our unique Rockstar Curator™ Methodology and Technology System enables us to recruit and retain the Top 15% of Digital & Tech talent.

Our 10 Step “Remote Hiring” Methodology

Step 1: Initial Recruitment Strategy Call

We will conduct an initial 15 minute strategy call to discuss your specific talent needs and whether we are a fit for each other.

Step 2: Game Plan

If we are a good fit, we will then conduct a further 30-60 minutes with the key personnel involved with recruitment within your organisation, to gain further insight in to the business such as the vacancies you need filling, the ideal candidates, the culture of the company itself and any KPIs.

Step 3: Job Survey Assessment

We then get your key interviewers and stakeholders to perform a Job Survey assessment for each role they are involved with. From the multiple inputs we can create a Blueprint Candidate profile that we can then qualify and Match candidates against. We will also select with you 5 Key Competency questions for candidate assessment.

Step 4: Candidate Briefing Pack

We will produce your candidate Briefing Pack (marketing brochure) that we use to engage and attract talent which also explains our process and our role.

Step 5: Talent Mapping

We then map out a Long List of all the potential targets from our pre-researched IP Datasets and Industry Market Maps.

Step 6: Remote Digital Candidate Assessments

We then put in to action our unique search and qualification Methodology to Engage and Qualify candidates. Using a range of remote digital tools including: key competency assessments, candidate survey assessment, video, CV, behavioural FIT matching, and candidate comparison chart rankings, we benchmark and blueprint “Excellence”.

Step 7: Delivery of Shortlist

Candidates that pass the 3Cs, 1) Credibility, 2) Capability and 3) Cultural Tests, and meet the pre-interview competency criteria in our remote digital assessment system, are then shortlisted and introduced along with their CV’s, and Executive Summarys inside the Rockstar Curator™ 24×7 platform, as a Rockstar Candidate®

Step 8: Interviews

All companies have a slightly different process for interview stages, we will happily schedule and fit in with whatever your process is.

Step 9: Decision / Offer

Once you have made your decision we will assist with the job offer, acceptance, resignation, reference checks where applicable, onboarding, mitigate any counter offers, as well as closing off the process for the unsuccessful candidates.

Step 10: Retention

Once the candidate is on board, we all want to make sure it stays that way. We can remain hands on with both you and the candidate and we check in quarterly to receive feedback on how the candidate is getting along. This can be helpful in highlighting any minor tweaks to prevent them ever escalating.

Furthermore, between 6 and 12 months once bedded in and fully up and running, we offer to provide a further Candidate survey assessment (report) to calibrate the candidates behaviours in the new role. This can also be an excellent Management and Development tool.

Bonus: Risk-Reversal – Guarantee placements for 12 months

We are so confident in our Rockstar Curator™ system that we can offer up to 12 months placement guarantee for all candidates hired through the Rockstar Curator™ platform.

If on the very rare occasion there is a problem, you have the piece of mind that Rockstar will fix it for you. Beyond when other agencys will be prepared to commit to with industry typical 2 to 3 month insurance periods.

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Rockstar Selection® helps our clients to identify, attract, recruit and retain the Top 15% of candidates in the Digital & Tech industry, with an “Ideal Match”.


Specific Roles that we Fill:

  • C-Suite e.g. CEO/COO/CFO/CTO/CLO
  • Directors, MD’s, Regional Directors
  • GMs / Senior Management
  • Rainmakers / Sales
  • Digital Transformation Specialists
  • eCommerce experts
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Engineers / Developers
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Automation / AI / ML specialists
  • Consultants up to Senior Partner
  • Heads of HR / Directors / Managers
  • PM’s, PMO, Programme Managers

Next Action:

Schedule an initial 15 minute Recruitment Strategy call and discover how you can:

  • Access our Digital Remote Hiring platform
  • Audit your existing Recruitment process in less than 10 minutes
  • Reduce your Overall Cost of Recruitment
  • Reduce your management Commercial Downtime
  • Increase Retention Rates up to 96%
  • Recruit and Retain the Top 15%
  • Receive placement guarantees up to 12 months
  • Sample a Free Job Survey Assessment in 5 – 10 mins