Typical Problems That Digital and Tech Candidates Face

Have you outgrown your current role or Employer?

  • You feel your current role has stagnated
  • Lacking investment in your area or across the business
  • Your Practice is profitable but other parts of the business are stifling your growth opportunity
  • Restricted opportunity in the Market to Business develop
  • Unrealistic targets are affecting your performance
  • Doing a great Job but learning nothing new
  • Long term mentor departed
  • Want more complex projects, bigger ticket items, more strategic

Do you want greater reward and recognition?

  • Your Pay Back is far less than your Contribution
  • Promotion track keeps being deferred even when you are meeting all business KPIs
  • No room to move up due to external economic conditions in other teams, or stagnation in the wider group
  • Politics
  • Pyramid structure model, or culture is not right for longer term career growth
  • Hiring freezes when you are very profitable in your area

Sustainability in Direction of Employer?

  • New CEO or Leader has done a re-org and your Capability/Practice area is no longer a priority
  • Company Purpose – Leadership not aligned with your personal goals or what you think is the right direction
  • Change in type of work e.g. more Transactional, RFP, less strategic, not the high end work you want to play in
  • Acquisition has changed the environment, its no longer what it was
  • Failure to retain key quality people
  • Have an entrepreneurial itch to scratch
  • More Strategic work wanted
  • More Operational work wanted beyond slides, power points, endless decks…want to see tangible Impact with a clear measurable output
  • WLB
  • Toxic environment