After 16+ years in the industry, we understand the pressures and challenges you are under when hiring Digital & Tech talent. Having to meticulously balance Growth and Business Development pipelines, with resourcing delivery teams and project start dates and deliverables.

Poor Hiring Decision Are Common, But Employers Often Under Estimate Their Impact

Bad Hire

Poor Performance

Strife Within Team

Impact on Productivity and Reputation

Financial Loss

True Cost of a Bad Hire

According to research conducted by the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) The Cost of a Bad Hire is typically near to 3.5x Annual Salary of the Employee, and possibly exponentially higher for Directors and VP’s who lost you sales

Hiring the right Director or VP is critical to the long term success of a Digital/Tech company. To create inspiring leadership, clear roadmap and a secure Pyramid beneath them.

Hiring the right Delivery specialist is key to team cohesion, collaboration and quality performance

The Top 6 Hiring Problems Our Clients Face
when Hiring Digital & Tech employees

Post-Pandemic Emergency Skills-Gaps

Remote Working Skills-Gap caused by disrupted Business Models post-pandemic

Our Solution

We provide FREE critical skills-gap assessments for Jobs in Digital, Tech, Internet, Computer and Consulting industries. We provide you with a completely customised 23 Page report for each specific role title and level.

How to Engage and Hire Remotely

How to engage and hire remotely with Candidate Assessments in the post-pandemic distance economy.

Our Solution

We provide our clients with a 24 x 7 Remote Digital Hiring platform hosted in the Cloud. Rockstar Curator™ is a multi-layered Methodology & Technology solution that streamlines your recruitment process and enhances candidate engagement with your brand.
Candidates are assessed via remote digital tools including: key competency assessments, candidate survey assessment, video, CV, behavioural FIT matching, and candidate comparison chart rankings. We can benchmark and blueprint “Excellence” for your Brand!

Balancing Business Development and Bench

Mis-calculating your capability to Sell and Deliver work can break a delivery practice or company. 2 potential failure pints: 1) Sell work then can’t meet deadlines or deliver with inferior staff. 2). Utilisation – losing money if the bench is too big with excess resources.

Our Solution

We create Automated Campaign funnels to engage and nurture the Top 15% of candidates. Campaigns can be instantly dialled up or down On Demand to meet hiring spikes or reset timeline expectations without harming the talent pool experience.

Cultural-FIT – Mismatch

Skills are assessed correctly but there is a mis-match on FIT that is only realised post-employment start date. This ultimately leads to Lower Performance and Premature Leavers after 6 to 9 months.

Our Solution

We can remove the Subjective bias from FIT, and measure the Intangible behaviours that can not be assessed in interviews. By assessing the Role first, and assessing the candidate second, we can create a 96% accurate match.

Using Agencys can be Risky and Costly

Many of our New Clients say they previously had a bad experience with a Recruitment Agency. Where they paid a fee but the candidate left after 6 months. And so they had to pay twice.

Our Solution

Risk Reversal – We guarantee our placements up to 12 months for all clients using the Rockstar Curator™ platform, and even up to 2 years for Managed Service contracts.

Candidates Receiving Multiple Job Offers

The best Digital and Tech candidates are in demand, and so they often reject job offers.

Our Solution

By working exclusively with you and the candidate, we can ensure control by not introducing to other clients until you ‘reject’ them. Uniquely, we can also provide reassurance to the candidate by scientifically measuring and proving their FIT with objective evidence to support the decision making. None of your competitors can currently offer this level of care.

The Rockstar Curator System™

Rockstar’s Talent Acquisition & Retention system, Rockstar Curator™ gets you the Top 15% of talent in the market that will deliver High Performance, Stability, Results and Sustainability.


Initial Recruitment Strategy Call

15 minute Strategy call to discuss your specific recruitment needs


Game Plan

A further 30-60 mins discussion to get further insight in to the business


Job Survey Assessment

We will create a Job Profile Blueprint by surveying each interviewer independently (online)


Candidate Briefing Pack

Create your marketing pack, including the Job, and our role in the process.


Talent Mapping

Identify a Long List of Prospective targets


Candidate Engagement and Qualification

Activate search, qualify and filter the list down using the 3 Levels of Assessments


Delivery of Shortlist

Present typically 4 to 10 shortlisted candidates will complete and pass the 3C’s



Schedule the interview rounds with you for the quality targeted list, and ensure candidates are prepared and informed


Decision / Offer

After making the decision, we will assist in the job offer, acceptance, resignation, onboarding and references where applicable



Once the candidate starts, we can perform satisfaction checkins and even a Candidate Word Survey 6 months in, to re-check FIT and highlight areas for Management and Development.

Rockstar Curator™ Benefits:

  • Our automated systems access the top 15% of Candidates in the market
  • We avoid the bottom 80%
  • Clear hiring strategy with more predictable results and stability
  • Better candidate selection and superior Candidate Insight
  • Reduce your overall Cost of Recruitment
  • Reduce your Management Downtime saving you Time and Money
  • Increase Employee Performance and Retention rates up to 96%
  • 12 months guarantee to fix anything in the rare event of a problem
  • Candidates Word Survey can be used to form part of their Management and Development Plan, and highlight suitability to “REMOTE WORKING”

See Rockstar Curator™ in Action

Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

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